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Bill Coster

The color and texture of a dahlia flower is revealed in this unique close up.

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Cristina Mittermeier

Highlands man with blue face paint, yellow flowers and cowry shell nose ring. Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. A portion of sales go to the International League of Conservation Photographers.

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Jim Stamates

Floating silently this massive "berg" looks innocent enough, but as they say, it's only the tip of the iceberg. The enormity of this hunk of ice is hard to fathom, as 90% is underwater.

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Patti Andre

These blushing pears have nothing to be embarrassed about, they are ripe, juicy and beautiful!

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Sue Wise

Ever watchful through the twilight, night and early dawn, this alert owl never misses a sound or movement.

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Bruce H. Morrison

I photographed this bull elk on a sub-zero degree day at the National Bison Range in Montana. He briefly wandered away from the warmth provided by the herd, to feed in the meadow.

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Ardys Petrick

The Riverbank gives the viewer a sense of the wind blowing and moving the water. The composition, with the direction of clouds and foreground moving left forms a large V.

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Justin VanAlstyne

Sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful and simple than Mother Nature in spring.

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Kimberli Bindschatel

Lilies interact with the prism of colors reflecting off of the water on a bright summer day.

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Bob Coonts

Using geometric shapes and vivid colors, artist Bob Coonts bridges the distance between abstractions and realism.

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Natalie Morris

This picture was taken by Natalie Morris in Missoula, Montana. She was amazed as what she had pictured in her mind became a reality through the lens.

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Dale Malmedal

Autumn Aspens contrast in the early snow at the Dallas Divide Area near Telluride, Colorado

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Rick Bainbridge

Artist Rick Bainbridge was fascinated by the bright red and yellow spots on the Cedar Waxwing's wing and tail feathers look like freshly dripped wax.

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Nick Sokoloff

This image is an original photograph of a woman and her horse riding through the brush and hills of Santa Barbara county. Combined with painterly techniques by the artist, it becomes an impressionistic and romantic scene.

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Pam Furumo

A camping trip to Canyon de Chelly hosted by a Navajo family provided a beautiful intimate experience in this magical canyon and river valley.

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Alan Hoelzle

This gorgeous beach on the Florida Panhandle is often voted "Best Beach in America." With powder sand and emerald green water, Grayton Beach is a great destination.

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Mary Staby

The local fisherman pull their "pangas" up on the beach at the end of each day. The patterns and lines of the boats have been hand painted by the artist with a bit of color to match their lyrical names.

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George Hager

Winter passes and the dull browns and grays of a barren forest are replaced by the vibrant hues of green and the spectacular shades of pinks from Redbud in this Eastern Tennessee forest.

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Clive Tyler

These cows pose in the tall green grass in the hot summer sun as they allow artist Clive Tyler to capture their expressions.

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