The Fine Print Family

At Fine Print, it’s the people that make the difference. When it comes right down to it, we’re working with the same light, paper, chemicals and ink as many other photo labs. It’s how we use these that transforms an excellent image into a truly extraordinary one. That’s why we go to great lengths to find only the best technicians and service experts and, when we do, we go to great lengths to encourage them to stick around. Most of our staff has been with Fine Print for years…some for decades. So take a look through our stories and feel free to contact us if something strikes a chord.

We truly appreciate your interest!

Mark Lukes

Founder and President of Fine Print Imaging

Fine Print grew out of a desire to find someone who understood the unique needs of nature photographers. As Fine Print founder Mark J. Lukes puts it, “I didn’t care about flesh tones or commercial images. I cared about how to make my nature photos look in print like they did when I photographed them in nature.”

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Linda Helm

Vice President of Fine Print Imaging

As a partner to Mark Lukes in life and in business, Linda’s role has evolved over the years and now includes fiscal oversight, strategic planning and all HR related concerns. She is well suited to the role having come from a management background in the human services arena.

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Michael Roberts

Production Manager, Imaging Consultant, Photographer, Fire Chief, Haz-Mat Man and ANYTHING else that needs to be done…

And the list really does go on because Mike oversees the entire process of creating your reproductions, from the moment you call or email your order to the moment it goes out the door. He says that “he enjoys working behind the scenes – making sure things get done and get done on time – or sooner. The big challenge is trying to translate art (both photographic and painted) into a reproduction of the art.

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Camille Wick

Marketing, Customer Relations, Social Networking, Artist


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Jerry Hummel

Digital Color Specialist, Artist and Master Wood Craftsman

Jerry started work at Fine Print in January, 1999, bringing to Fine print his knowledge of Iris giclée printing, Photoshop expertise, and experience in working with artist and photographers transitioning to digital technology.

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Patricia James

Digital Color Specialist and Artist

Patricia started working with Fine Print on April 15th, 1991, one week before she was to get married. And thus began the tradition of newly hired Fine Print employees leaving for honeymoons immediately after starting their employment with us. Fortunately, Patricia came back after the wedding and has been an indispensable member of our printing team ever since.

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Mary Hills

Art Copy Technician, Finisher, Image Archivist and Artist

Mary started working at Fine Print by a serendipitous chain of events in January of 1992. She was hired as a finisher. “My background in painting was good training for the many hours I spent spotting prints, now a thing of the past. It was always fun to match colors and make the “spot” disappear. Since there were many copies of the same image, with the same “spot”, one had a good chance at achieving perfection, which was always our goal.”

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Tonya Aspegren

Finishing Specialist, Marketing Director and Photographer

Tonya is a Finishing Specialist approaching 10 years with Fine Print. When you receive an order, it is possible that somewhere in the process, Tonya may have caught, trimmed, deckled, tissued, dye-spotted, wrapped, or shipped it. And when you receive an order from Tonya, you’ll know it’s done right!

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Ava Spain

Bookkeeper and Financial Wizard

Ava serves as the voice of Fine Print and our bookkeeper. When you call to place an order or with questions, it is most likely Ava’s friendly voice you will hear on the other end – and she is the one you want to speak with if you have billing questions.

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