We love that our artists care enough about the environment to ask about the “green-ness” of our products.

Feel free to call Kate or Mark to discuss this further. Here is a quick summary of just some of our green initiatives:

  • Our fine art papers and canvas are selected to be resistant to light fading. You can expect our papers to last from 70 to 200 years. Now that’s pretty earth friendly!
  • Our fine art papers are made from either cotton or bamboo, both recyclable.
  • Our Bamboo papers, made from the easily replenished bamboo plant. Our cotton papers are made from cotton waste created by the textile industry. Neither our bamboo nor cotton papers are processed using chlorine.
  • The aqueous spray we use on our canvas prints contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be harmful and toxic.
  • We have always far exceeded the EPA’s standards for our water quality (refuse water from our photo printing process).
  • The Fort Collins, Colorado Chamber of Commerce awarded Fine Print Imaging the Environmental Business Award in 2009.
  • Fine Print achieved Gold Partnership level in The Fort Collins ClimateWise Program in 2016 .www.fcgov.com/climatewise
  • Every scrap of recyclable paper is saved and recycled – much of it through re-use by making “Art Packs” for our customers and students.
  • We purchase from as few suppliers as possible to minimize our shipping carbon footprint.
  • We offer incentives for customers who pick up their orders and request minimal packaging (especially if they arrive in their electric car!)
  • As a founding member and partner of the North American Nature Photography Association, we initiated the Philip Hyde Conservation Grant which annually gives $5,000 to a photographer who is using his or her photography to help preserve the planet.
  • We partner closely with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and a host of other conservation artists and organizations, providing funding, services and gallery space to promote their efforts to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography and art. Fine Print president, Mark Lukes, was the first Board Chair of the iLCP.

Check back often to keep track of our Sustainability Initiatives.