“Ready To Print” Files For Canvas Giclée Printing

Quality printing starts with a quality product – your artwork or photographic image. And while your artwork and photography may be great, if we don’t have a high quality digital file to print from, your prints may be compromised.

You may already have a digital file that you want to send us. But is that digital file truly Ready to Print? If you’re not sure, you may want to choose option 1 or 2. If you’re proficient with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and you like to work your own files, you likely will choose option 3.

  1. Send us a file and ask us to use our judgment in making any adjustments we deem necessary to provide you with the best print. In this scenario, you may believe your image will print fine. However, you do not know a lot about the technical details of your file, but want us to go ahead and make a print unless we discover problems. Speak with customer service about the possibility of file adjustment charges.
  2. Send us a file and ask for specific adjustments to be made. This service is useful if you have a guide print you want us to match or when you know that extra work likely is necessary to achieve the print you want. Speak with customer service about charges for file adjustments
  3. Send us a file that is “ready to print.” You have carefully prepared your file for printing and do not want us to make any adjustments to your file. The submitted file must be prepared per our specifications listed below.

An important note: When sending us a file for first time printing, we highly recommend that you order a proof print prior to printing the finals.

Preparing “Ready To Print” Files For Canvas Giclées

Following the steps below will insure that you send us the best digital file possible – and get you great prints!

  1. Image is RGB and in the Adobe RGB 1998 work space. (Adobe Photoshop: go to Image/Mode)
  1. Set your “Document” width and height to your desired output size, at 300ppi. Resolutions as low as 200 ppi can still give satisfactory results. (Adobe Photoshop: Image/Image Size)
  2. File should not contain layers or alpha channels. (Adobe Photoshop: Layers/Flatten Layers)
  3. We encourage you to download our Fine Art Paper printer profiles ICC profiles and soft proof to ensure that the finished product will look the way you want. Remove the ICC profile before you send in your file for printing.
  4. File is saved in 8 bit as a TIFF with no compression. (Adobe Photoshop: File/Save As)
  5. Do not apply any printer profiles. We’ll take care of that.
  6. File name has maximum of 30 characters.
  7. We suggest ordering a proof print prior to placing your final order, especially if you are ordering large prints or prints in quantity.

* If your image is not an 8 bit, RGB, TIFF, free of layers and alpha channels, it is not considered ready to printand you may incur additional set-up charges.

For convenience and speed, you can use our file upload system HERE. You can also send us a CD or DVD with your file enclosed.