Glossary of Technical Printing Terms

Color Management System (CMS):  A process designed to calibrate equipment
for predictable performance and the utilization of profiles for desired reproduction throughout the workflow of a digital imaging process.

Dots Per (square) Inch (DPI):   Used to describe the resolution or amount of
information in a printed image where the image is composed of individual dots.

Environment:   A combination of settings and preferences that collectively
determine the performance of a device or software application.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP):  A universal process used for quickly exchanging
information from one information system to another via the World Wide Web.

Gamma:   The slope of a curve as it relates to contrast.  The higher the gamma
the more contrast in the device such as a monitor.

Gamut:   The scope or repertoire of color a piece of hardware or software can

Input Profile:  A file used to communicate to the image editing software how to
handle information from a specific device (scanner, digital camera) and express color accurately.

Interpolate:   A process where artificial information is created in a digital image
to increase the resolution of that image.

Layers:   Work areas utilized by some image editing software that allows the user
to manipulate certain areas of an image without affecting others.  The work areas, or layers, are visible depending on their coverage, order in the layer stack, and transparency.  “Flattening” an image is a process where the visible areas of a set of layers are used to create a single composite image.

Output Profile:   A file used to communicate to an output device (printer) how to
handle color information and properly create a physical image.

Pixels Per Inch (PPI):  Used to describe the resolution or amount of
information in a digital image where the image is composed of individual pixels.

Profile:   A file that communicates to a device or software application how to
properly handle and express color information.

Video Card:  A hardware device that processes information from a computer and
sends information to a monitor.  Speed, color gamut, and information details are some of the limitations on different video cards.

Workspace:   A standard profile used while handling an image file so
color conversions can be made in a controlled and predictable fashion.