It’s not hyperbole to say that your originals are our most valuable possession.

Trust us when we say that we treat your artwork as if it is our own…after all, without your art we wouldn’t have a lot to print!

You have a part in the safety of your art as well. Following the the shipping guidelines below will help insure that your work arrives at Fine Print Imaging safe and sound.

When Shipping

  • Wrap your art in a protective layer like art tissue or glassine paper. If packing more than one original, wrap them separately. Since the material is being used only for transport, it does not need to be archival or acid free.
  • Place a second wrapping material like Kraft wrap around the artwork and secure with masking tape.
  • Sandwich the art between two sheets of a stiff material like cardboard or mount board which is at least 2 inches larger than the wrapped original. Securely tape the cardboard around the ends so that the original is safely covered by the cardboard and the corners of the original are protected from impact damage.
  • Place the covered artwork in a cardboard box which is close to the size of the cardboard wrapped artwork. Place additional padding material in the box to make sure that the art fits snugly. Wrapping the art in bubble wrap is not necessary. What protects artwork from damage is oversized cardboard layers and having the art fit snuggly in the box.
  • We do not recommend shipping framed or glassed material to us. Sending stretched or mounted canvas is OK. Remove all art from frames prior to packaging. You can leave a matt on the artwork as long as the art can be easily separated from the mat. We are not responsible for incidental damage which may occur when removing artwork from a matt or frame.
  • Ship via your choice of shipper. We like FedEx or UPS. At this time, we do not recommend using USPS. We find that their tracking system is still lacking. Insure your art for the sales price of the original. But keep in mind that if your art is damaged in shipping, the shipper may only pay you the cost of creating a new piece of art (labor and materials). Avoid shipping during high volume shipping periods like those close to busy holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Fine Print

As we said above, we take care of your originals as if they were our own.

  • Your art is logged in, labeled and stored individually on protected, flat shelves. Oversized art is stored in a vertical position. • We handle your art as little as possible, and then only by those responsible for receiving, printing and shipping.
  • Our facility is carefully climate controlled to avoid extremes.
  • Our building is protected by an alarm system and a security company.

However, we are not liable if something should happen to your art while in our possession. By leaving your artwork and digital files with Fine Print, you are agreeing that Fine Print is not liable for damage or loss to your artwork or your digital files whether caused by fire, theft, other natural causes or by negligence on our part. We strongly encourage you to check with your home insurance provider to see if your artwork is protected when away from home.

If you have questions about shipping or handling of your artwork, please contact us at 970-484-9650.