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DuraPlaq mounting and finishing services

FIne Print Imaging is proud to offer Duraplaq Mounting and Finishing Services.

Plaque mounting of your artwork or photography not only helps your work stand out from the crowd - it is also an eco-friendly option to traditional framing and matting of your prints.

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Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, StandardPlaqs create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge.

Various edge color options provide the opportunity to compliment and personalize a plaque-mounted picture. A multitude of surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork meanwhile maintaining UV protection and moisture resistance.

To display a StandardPlaq, simply use the provided screw and keyhole(s) on the back. With small pictures, an easel system is added to the back to allow the DuraPlaq™ to freely stand and be displayed on a desk, shelf or mantle.


FloatPlaqs give plaque art dimension to appear as if it is floating off the wall.  FloatPlaqs are quickly becoming a favorite for fine art galleries and artists alike.  Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, FloatPlaqs create a durable yet creative way to preserve and present fine art. 

Artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface, finished with a beveled edge, and given a ¾” deep backing to create a floating effect.  The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen.  A simple French cleat system is provided to securely mount and display a FloatPlaq. 


Megaplaqs bring an element of substance and dimension to plaque mounted art as they are more than an inch thick.  A MegaPlaq is essentially a thickened DuraPlaq™ wherein the depth of the plaq can be seen from any angle when displayed. 

Art is mounted on a thick, acid-free surface and finished with a beveled edge.  The backside is hollowed out to reduce weight and conceal a convenient cleat hanging system allowing the MegaPlaq to hang securely, flush against a wall.  Various edge colors and surface finishes provide the opportunity to enhance and personalize a plaque mounted picture meanwhile providing UV protection and moisture resistance.  


AlumaPlaqs are a distinctive approach to display artwork in a highly durable and lightweight presentation. Artwork is mounted to a thin, rigid piece of aluminum and coated with a durable, UV-protected and moisture-resistant finish. The edges are straight and the silvery color of the thin aluminum is exposed.

Artists and fine art galleries have utilized AlumaPlaqs without hangers for an assortment of applications such as picture framing. With the smooth, UV-protected, and moisture-resistant finish, AlumaPlaqs eliminate the need for glass or backing boards when framing artwork. Possibilities are endless as AlumaPlaqs can be produced as large as 15’ long and custom cut shapes can be produced with our state of the art cutting systems to create unparalleled art solutions.

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