Museum Quality for

Exceptional Beauty

and Longevity

With the look of an original painting, our long-lasting and archival Canvas Giclées hare one of our top selling products. Designed for the artist or photographer who wants to add a new marketing dimension for their art.

Our top quality, museum grade canvas is characterized by exceptional whiteness, great color saturation and the ability to capture subtle tonal variations. This canvas contains no optical brighteners. (Optical Brighteners give canvas a whiter appearance, but also shorten its life). When viewed under proper conditions, you can expect from 100 – 200 years of life with our Museum Canvas.

Finishing Options

Gallery Wrapped

Museum quality and ready to hang

Stretched for Framing

Same great quality, ready to be framed

Mounted Canvas

Cost savings and image quality in a sturdy package!

Canvas Only

Want to mount or stretch it yourself? No problem!

Canvas Giclée Print Pricing

Our Canvas Giclée Print pricing is below. You can easily compare pricing for the different options with the single print pricing table below. Detailed information and quantity pricing can be viewed by clicking on the paper details above.

Want to see the different papers in person? Order a paper sample packet here.

As with most of our products, there are two ways to order canvas prints—custom or express. Learn more below!

With Fine Print’s custom printing, you can get discount pricing on volume orders. Plus, take advantage of our staff’s proven expertise to get the best prints possible—we set up the files for you and you can choose from every size and type of product and service we have to offer—including our one-of-a-kind consultation services.

SizeCanvas OnlyMounted on MountCorStretched for FramingGallery Wrapped

We offer Express Printing for our Gallery Wrapped canvases stretched on 1 1/2″ stretcher bars with image wrap. If you need to get just one or two prints of an image, Express Prints might be for you. Mounting hardware attached—ready to hang.

For odd sizes and a full range of finishing options, consider using our Custom Printing services. Learn more about Custom vs. Express printing HERE.


Proofing Before Printing

We suggest ordering a proof print prior to placing your final order, especially if you are ordering large prints or prints in quantity. A proof is a canvas print designed to demonstrate both the quality of the file and the accuracy of our printing based on following your directions or matching a guide or original. Proof Prints are available in both 8×10 and 16×20 sizes. Proof prints will be printed “full-frame”, which means that all of your image will show. The “opposite” of full frame is “cropped”, which means that some of the image area will be cut off to match the proportions of the ordered image.

We keep a copy on file of all proof prints sent to our customers. You do not need to return your proof. Once you receive your proof, simply call us to discuss how to proceed. If changes are desired, we can easily discuss those changes over the phone since we both have a copy of the proof.

Canvas Proof Prints from customer supplied ready to print digital files

Send us your digital file for canvas giclee printing prepared according to our specifications. No color adjustments or testing prior to proofing is included.
8×10 proof: $17.50        16×20 proof: $35.00

Additional Canvas Giclee Proof Prints

Should you want additional adjustments done to your print, contact our customer service representatives to discuss your needs. Additional fees may be assessed.

Making Adjustments to Your Image

You know how sometimes capturing that unique photo is really a challenge, or how some paintings are more difficult to complete than others? Well, for us, some images are just plain harder to print than others. When we get these images, it frequently requires extra time for us and sometimes extra cost for you.

And, we occasionally get requests to digitally repair a painting or to remove a distracting element from a photograph. Anything is possible, but it comes with a cost.

When we encounter a difficult image or a request to make alterations, it is likely that it will require extra time for us, and cost for you. When this happens, we will provide you with a cost estimate before proceeding with your order. And by the way, you really should get an proof print from the adjusted file prior to ordering your final prints.

Image Adjustment fee: $80/hr ($20 minimum)

Canvas Giclée Print Details

Below you can find all the information you need about our canvas giclée printing services from custom to express printing as well as links to related products and services. If you don’t find what you need, feel free to contact us at 970-484-9650 or use our form on our contact page.

If you need larger quantities or need an “unusual” size, print please contact us at 970-484-9650.

Related Services

  • If your image is on Film, please refer to our Film Scanning Services for pricing.
  • If you are providing Original Artwork to print from, check out our Art Copy Services.
  • If you are ordering large sizes or giclée prints in quantity, we recommend that you first get a proof print. See proofing services for details.

Custom vs. Express Printing at a glance

Custom Printing
  • Save $ on volume orders
  • We help prepare your files (or you can if you prefer)
  • Receive technical assistance on your files (send them in or bring them in person, we’re happy to help)
  • Prints available on all of our paper brands and surfaces
  • Sizes available up to 59″ by you-name-it!
  • Turnaround time 5 business days
  • High Resolution digital art copy & drum scans available
  • Storage of your files and a guide print
  • Consultation Services—Technical and Marketing
  • Minimum order of $17.50 per image
Express Printing
  • Save $ on online orders
  • You prepare your own files for printing
  • Some papers not available (see Paper Types above for selection)
  • Sizes limited to 24″ x 30″
  • Turnaround time 3 business days
Regardless of which you choose, you get world class customer service!

Order Prints

See details above for information on custom versus express fine art printing.