Custom Printing

– Save $ on volume orders
– We help prepare your files (or you can if you prefer)
– Receive technical assistance on your files (send them in or bring them in person, we’re happy to help)
– Prints available on all of our paper brands and surfaces
– Sizes available up to 59″ by you-name-it!
– Turnaround time 5 business days
– High Resolution digital art copy & drum scans available
– Storage of your files and a guide print
– Consultation Services—Technical and Marketing
– Minimum order of $17.50 per unique image

Express Printing

– Save $ on online orders
– You prepare your own files for printing
– Some papers not available (see Paper Types above for selection)
–Sizes limited to 24″ x 30″
– Turnaround time 3 business days

Still not sure which to use? Give us a call at 970-484-9650 or fill out the form below with any questions!

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