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Slate Prints…Now at a special single quantity price!

For a limited time, order one 12×12 Slate Print for Only $32.00!
Normally sold in quantities of 4 for $110.00. Ready to hang on your customer’s wall.

Our Slate Prints come in the pre-set sizes shown below. See Print Examples and Pricing at bottom of page.

  • 12×12, 8×24 and 16×24 Slate Prints are produced on Natural Slate. Natural Slate is exactly what the name implies – slate with a rustic semi textured appearance.
  • 13×13, 20×20, 16×24 and 24×48 Tryptic Slate Prints can be produced on Oxidized Porcelain which is relatively uniform in color from piece to piece. If you’re looking for a smoother, somewhat metallic and more contemporary finish, Porcelain Slate Prints may be the perfect choice for you.
  • Recommended print sizes are shown for each Slate Print size. If you would like to explore other print sizes on the slate sizes shown, please call us.
  • All Slate Prints come ready to hang.
  • Slate Prints are made through a proprietary process which laminates and fuses a fine art print to a coated piece of slate or porcelain. The print surface is matte. Slate Prints should last a lifetime if kept out of direct sunlight.

  • While our Natural Slate basic color is gray, you will find variation in the tones from green-grays to yellow or brown-grays; from lighter tones to darker tones. This is the natural state of slate. We cannot guarantee a specific color or tone. Therefore, there are no returns on slate prints due to slate color variations.
  • Because of the print lamination process, the matte surface of the fine art print will not be as bright as the print was before lamination. **Do not expect Slate Prints to match prints made through other Fine Print Imaging processes. While the color and density will be close, the contrast may appear flatter.
  • Allow two weeks for shipment.
  • Call 970-484-9650 if you have Questions.

Slate Print Pricing

Our Slate Prints come in the pre-set sizes shown below
(Examples shown are not scaled to size)

Natural Slate 12″ x 12″ or
Oxidized Porcelain 13″ x 13″

4 for $110.00 (Need not be from the same image)
Print dimension is 7 1/4″ square
Limited Time Special
Buy one 12×12 or 13×13 for $32.00 !!

Natural Slate 8″ x 24″

2 for $120.00 or 1 for $72.00 (Need not be the same images)
Print dimensions are 3 – 4 5/8″ square images on one panel
Can be hung vertically or horizontally
Slate is bottom weighted for vertical orientation

Natural Slate or Oxidized Porcelain 16″ x 24″

Print dimension is 8″x16″
Can be hung vertically or horizontally

Oxidized Porcelain 20″ x 20″

Print dimension is 11.5″x13″
“Frame” is Bottom Weighted

Oxidized Porcelain 3 Panel (triptych) 24″ x 48″

Single print dimension is 16″x40″
These 3 Panel prints are designed to be hung horizontally.

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