Premier Art Copy from Original Artwork

Copying your artwork to make a digital file is as much science as it is art. Our highly skilled and experienced digital fine art technicians are trained in both the science and the art fine art reproduction.

Try us and you’ll discover that no fine art printer in the country has better equipment, more highly skilled technicians or a more dedicated support staff than Fine Print Imaging.

Premier Art Copy

If you are providing 2-D original artwork for printing, you will need to turn your original into a digital file. Fine Print Imaging uses a state of the art copy system that captures anywhere from one to over 24 images (which are stitched together) – which captures all of the richness and subtleties of your original.

Our Premier Art Copy Service offers the complete package, from copying your artwork and making a digital file, to making computer adjustments to the file so that we match your original—to providing you with a proof print on the fine art, canvas or Lumira photographic paper of your choice. Allow 10 days for completion of the Copy and Proofing process.If you need a copy of the file created in the Art Copy process, please let us know at the time of placing your order.

Pricing is below—Click here to see our fine art papers and canvas

For Fine Art and Canvas Giclée Printing
Original SizeWith 8x10 ProofWith 16x20 Proof
Sizes up to 20x30$55.00$75.00
Sizes up to 40x60N/A$95.00
Larger than 40x60N/ACall for Price
For Lumira Digital Photo Printing
Original SizeWith 8x10 ProofWith 16x20 Proof
Sizes up to 30x40$50.00$65.00
Sizes up to 40x60N/A$95.00
Larger than 40x60N/ACall for Price
Image Adjustments

You know how sometimes capturing that unique photo is really a challenge, or how some paintings are more difficult to complete than others? Well, for us, some images are just plain harder to print than others. When we get these images, it frequently requires extra time for us and sometimes extra cost for you.

Also, we occasionally get requests to digitally repair a painting or to remove a distracting element from a photograph. Anything is possible, but with greater complexity comes additional cost.

When we encounter a difficult image or a request to make alterations, it is likely that it will require extra time for us, and cost for you. When this happens, we will provide you with a cost estimate before proceeding with your order.

Billable in quarter hour increments: $80.00 per hour ($20.00 minimum)

 Art Copy Only

Without Adjustments or Proofs

If you simply need your art copied but are not contemplating printing it at this time, we offer the same high quality Art Copy services of your 2-D artwork. This service is created for the  artist who needs a high resolution file and has arranged to do their own color work. This service includes copying the file to a CD or a thumb drive, or FTPing (sending the file via the Internet). It does not include any color work or a proof print. Allow 5 days for completion of this process.


The file from the “Art Copy Only” process will not appear “correctly” on a monitor or be ready to produce a print. The file needs to be adjusted by someone with proficiency in working with a color adjustment program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Non-adjusted Art Copies
Original Size(no proof included)
Sizes up to 20 x 30$30.00
Sizes up to 40 x 60$65.00
Sizes larger than 40 x 60Cal for Price

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us. Chances are that we can help you out.

Have transparencies or slides of your art? Click here to learn about film scanning.