Slide and Negative Scanning for Fine Art Digital Printing

With digital cameras and smart phones being the norm for capturing images, many believe that film is dead. But not you. You love the mystery of film, the zen of being in the present moment, contemplating your shot, the imperfections that lend texture and depth to your images. Let our master technicians bring your film to life using today’s best scanning and printing technologies.

Premier Scans

If you are providing a transparency, slide or negative for printing, you will need to convert your film into a digital file. You could scan your own film on a flatbed scanner—or even on a dedicated film scanner—but you won’t get the most out of your scans. Fine Print Imaging uses an ICG Drum Scanner which captures all of the richness and subtleties of your film, maintaining rich blacks, detailed highlights and incredible sharpness.

Premier Scans offer the ultimate in digital preparation. Our premier service includes basic color work, clean up, minor scratch removal and a proof on the fine art, canvas or Lumira photographic paper of your choice. Pricing is below—Click here to see our fine art papers and canvas. Please call for Premier Scans larger than 500mb.

For Fine Art and Canvas Giclée Printing
Film SizeWith 8x10 ProofWith 16x20 Proof
120mm Panoramic$70.00$90.00
4x5 and up$70.00$90.00
For Lumira Digital Photo Printing
Film SizeWith 8x10 ProofWith 16x20 Proof
120mm Panoramic$55.00$70.00
4x5 and up$55.00$70.00
How large will the file size be?

As we say elsewhere on this site, bigger isn’t always better. We use an ICG Drum Scanner, one of the top scanners in the film industry. Each piece of film will yield only so much information, and it is this information that dictates file sizes, All of our scans are done at 300ppi unless requested otherwise. This matches the highest print output resolution we and almost all other fine art printers use.

Approximate file size may be:
35mm: 65MB (range of 40~90MB)
6×6/7cm: 100MB (range of 70~190MB)
4x5in: 150MB (range of 90~300MB)

Image Adjustments

When we encounter a difficult images or a request to make alterations, it is likely that it will require extra time for us, and cost for you. When this happens, we will provide you with a cost estimate before proceeding with your order.

Billable in quarter hour increments: $80.00 per hour ($20.00 minimum)

RAW Scans

Our raw scans are created for the photographer or artist who needs a high resolution file and wants to do their own color work. Fine Print produces high quality “raw scans” of your transparency film with our state-of-the-art ICG drum scanner. This service includes burning the raw scan to a CD or FTPing the file to you. It does not include any color work, dust/scratch removal or proof print.

Warning! The file from the raw scan will not appear “correctly” on a monitor or be ready to produce a print. The file needs to be adjusted by someone with proficiency in working with a color adjustment program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Click here to see a visual sample of what a raw scan provides.

Raw Scans
Film Size(no proof included)
120mm Panoramic$40.00
4x5 and up$40.00

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us. Chances are that we can help you out.

If you need to copy your Original Artwork and don’t have slides or negatives, go to Art Copy Services.